JPT Rockerz – Basanta Official Lyrics

Singer: JPT Rockerz

Timro Wooth lai chuyera niskidaa
Harek jhuto rangeen sacho bhoo
Timlai angale yesto lagyo ki
Mero sansar timi hau….

Yedi arko janma huncha bhane
Dohoraera feri timi sangai bitoos
Muskaan le sajaulaa
Timlai pirati bhaka gungunaudai….

Bandha akha ka sapani pani
Timrai akriti kori dincha
Badli rahane yo mausam pani
Timi chau sath ta basanta fulcha….

jpt Rockerz – Basanta

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तिम्रो ओठ लाई छुएर निस्किदा हरेक झुटो रङ्गीन साचो भो

तिम्लाई अङ्गाले यस्तो लाग्यो कि मेरो संसार तिमी हौं…

यदि अर्को जन्म हुन्छ भने दोहोराएर फेरि तिमी सँगै बितोस्

मुस्कान ले सजाउला तिम्लाई पिरती का भाका गुन्गुनाउदै….

बन्द आँखा का सपनी पनी तिम्रै आकृति कोरि दिन्छ

बदली रहने यो मौसम पनी तिमी छौ साथ त बसन्त फूल्छ….

English Translation of Basanta by JPT Rockerz

Touching your lips and feeling bliss,
Every fake and real thing becomes true.
I feel like hugging you so tight,
My world revolves around you.

If we are reborn again,
Let’s relive our moments together.
With a smile on your face,
I’ll sing you love songs forever.

Your closed eyes become a dreamy stream,
Taking the shape of your image.
Even when the weather changes,
You are the blooming flower of spring.

This is a beautiful and romantic poem that expresses the speaker’s deep love and affection for their partner. The imagery used in the poem is very vivid and captures the essence of the emotions being conveyed. The speaker talks about the feeling of being in love and how it makes everything around them seem brighter and more beautiful. They also express their desire to spend their life with their partner and to be with them forever, even in the next life. Overall, this is a heartwarming and touching piece that celebrates the power of love.



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