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  • Jindabaad Pt.2 from Ulto Chalachitra
    All Music by Jindabaad Lyrics by Bibhusan Basnet/Rajan Shrestha Produced, Mixed & Mastered by Rohit Shakya LYRICS आफैं फुट्न लाई, अझै उठ्न लाई, मैलिन, अझै फैलिन म शुन्यलाई गीत गन्छु, म नव-शुरुवात हुँ । म बागी विद्रोहि छु, म आदी अपवाद हुँ । जिन्दाबाद म अर्छु । रात बित्नलाई, उषा हुनलाई, म मिथ्यालाई जीत गन्छु, म नव-शुरुवात हुँ । म नाङ्गो, निर्दोष छु म आदी …
  • Ankha ma timro  by Ashtoast
    Music |Arrangement :Rajiv Khadka Production |Mix : Sound Fusion Lyrics/Composition : Ash Toast (Multi) Ankha ma timro euta jadhoo cha Kehi Naboli sabai nai bhandincha kaha jaau ma kun thaumma aau ma jaba timi samu hunchau sansar nai bhlchu ma Timro herai ko kayel chu ma timro muskan bata ghayel chu ma timro bolima badhine payel huu maa timro barnanma athakya sayer hu maa Aau …
    “NAYA SAPANA” Feri feri mo timroi nimti, Naya sapana boki lauchu. Gauwa vari mo hamroi nimti, Kala sanskriti haru sachi rakchu Kala sanskriti haru sachi rakchu… Khoji khoji mo timroi smriti, Sajha ichya haru ubhyai dinchu, Hridai bhari baata thichi, Timra binti haru mo sajhai dinchu, Timra binti haru mo sajhai dinchu… Damphu ra madal ko Taalai ma nachi dinchu, Saarangi, basuri ko , Dhunaima …
  • Man Bhulchha by Prakash Dutraj
    ♪ Vocal:- Prakash Dutraj, Shanti Shree Pariyar ♪ Group Vocal:- Basanta Bishwokarma, Prakash Yash, Rupi Sinjali, Prema Rana ♪ Lyrics/Music:- Prakash Dutraj पानी धारो, कति गाह्रो माया जालमा परेसी पानी धारो, कति गाह्रो माया जालमा परेसी माइलीज्यू माइलीज्यूको शिरैमा शिरफुल छ, नलुकाऊ मुहारै हेरेरै मन भुल्छ, हेरेरै मन भुल्छ, हाई पुग्यो महिना, नीद छैन, रातैभरि झलिको पुग्यो महिना, नीद छैन, रातैभरि झलिको माइलाज्यू माइलाज्यूको टोपी …
  • Baini Jhyalaima by Prakash Dutraj
    हो ओ ओ… देखेँ तिमलाई पापी मन चर्कियो, पापी मन चर्कियो मन बाँधेको सुरकनी सर्कियो बैनी झ्यालैमा कठै मया बस्यो लौ, ख्याल ख्यालैमा पापी मन चर्कियो, पापी मन चर्कियो मन बाँधेको सुरकनी सर्कियो बैनी झ्यालैमा ए, कठै मया बस्यो लौ, ख्याल ख्यालै मा ओ, कठै मया बस्यो लौ, ख्याल ख्यालै मा हो ओ ओ… तिम्रै काख छ हाँस्न र नाँच्न म, हाँस्न र नाँच्न म …

Music of Nepal

With more than fifty ethnic groups, the music of Nepal is highly diverse. Genres like Pop, Tamang SelThe Himalayan nation of Nepal is home to over fifty ethnic groups, and this diversity is reflected in the country’s rich musical output. Some of Nepal’s most popular genres today include folk, classical music, Ratna, pop, rock and Nep-hop (Nepali hip-hop); indigenous musical genres span Newar, Gurung, Kirat, Tamang, Magar, Tharu, Sherpa music and many more. In recent years, Nepal’s musical heritage has enjoyed a revival as young musicians fuse the sounds of traditional instruments, which include a leaf from a native tree that is played like a harmonica, once at risk of disappearing, with lyrics that explore the contemporary challenges facing the country. Examining Nepal’s varied sonic output, Something Curated takes a closer look at five Nepali musicians currently shaping the country’s unique sound.

Newa Music

Newa music, also called Newar Music, is a form of traditional music developed in Nepal by the Newars. The music has its roots in classical Hindu and Buddhist music and evolved with the incorporation of folk music of the Kathmandu valley and its peripheries. Instruments used are mainly percussion and wind instruments. 

Adhunik Geet

Adhunik Geet or modern songs are popular songs in Nepal and is also known as sugam sangeet. These of songs are soft and melodious. One of the most famous singers of this genre was late Narayan Gopal who was also known as a “Swar Samrat” meaning King of ‘Voice’ in Nepali and gave hits like “Euta Manchhe Ko”, and “Yeti Dherai Maya Dii”. Aruna Lama was one of the well-known singers of Nepali music. She is popularly known as the “Nightingale of the Hills”. She has sung hundreds of Nepali songs.


Dohori is a genre of Nepali folk music and has roots in the rural courtship traditions. In Nepali, Dohori literally means from both sides or a debate. This debate is in musical rhythm, and involves quick and witty poetry. The two teams taking part in a Dohori usually involves boys and girls in rival teams. The song starts with a question, usually from the boys’ side. The girl follows the question with a quick response and the two teams continue the musical conversation.

Dohori songs can last for as long as a week. The length of the Dohori depends on the quick thinking ability and wit of the players.

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